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 We’ve got 6 simple rules for you today, and they can help prevent expensive repairs to your heating and cooling system. Today we are going to talk about Owensboro AC repair needs, and how you can prevent costly visits from HVAC contractors.


We aren’t going to be talking about theories, here. These are proven, actionable tips that you can make a part of your regular routine, and they will guarantee lower repair costs over the life of your system.


Take a moment to notice that we are promising LOWER BILLS – not zero bills. That’s because we’re not trying to sell ice to Eskimos, and we don’t have any bridges on clearance, either.


Over the years, any heat pump or central AC will need a little attention now and again. In and around Owensboro, air conditioning repair can be complex only because Kentucky really experiences all four seasons. We might not get as much snowfall as our friends in New England, but it gets into the 100s in the summer, and the 20s in the winter. That’ll put your system through its paces.


Anyone saying they can install a system that won’t need repairs is not being 100% honest. What we can promise is that with the tips we’re going to go over in this article, you can minimize the impact on your wallet, and maximize the performance and longevity of your own system.


So what’s our magic method? It’s simple.


Follow these 6 easy steps, and watch as your system makes like Old Man River and just keeps rolling along.



1. Air Filters, Air Filters, Air Filters.


As the premier Owensboro HVAC repair company, we’ve probably given this piece of advice about 40,000 times. Who knows, maybe more! Still, they say you can’t have too much of a good thing, right?


Your air filters are the FIRST line of defense. Like stalwart soldiers of cleanliness, they sit inside your system and collect all the nasty stuff you don’t want floating around; dust, pollen, mold, debris, and even odor-causing muck.


However, in order to their job, they have to be clean. And the most common issues that warrant air conditioning repair in Owensboro or anywhere else can usually be traced back to dirty air filters.


It’s a ten minute process – less, in some cases – to change all the filters in your AC system, but out of sight is out of mind.


What happens when you let this chore go undone for too long?


Here’s the short list:


Restricted airflow

Uneven cooling (some rooms won’t cool, or will cool slowly)

Short cycling (where your AC turns on and off too frequently)

Frozen evaporator coils

Damage to the compressor, blower motor, or other moving parts.


And to cap things off, several of those issues can lead to a full-scale breakdown. Suddenly, your search for the right Owensboro HVAC contractor is about a new installation instead of AC repair, and you’re facing a bill with far too many zeroes on the end.


The SOLUTION? Change. Those. Filters.


If you aren’t sure how, check your owner’s manual, or give us a call, and we’ll walk you through it.



2. The Tune-Up, and Why It Matters


We also spend a lot of time telling our friends in the area that they need to keep a regularly scheduled tune-up as part of their HVAC repair and maintenance routing. Sometimes, they take our advice. Sometimes, they smile and nod and then we see them a few months later to fix something that shouldn’t have broken in the first place. Sometimes, they ask us what the heck we mean by a tune-up.


Let’s head that last one off and explain it now for anyone who doesn’t now. When an HVAC professional recommends a tune-up, they are talking about a thorough service call that includes a wide variety of tasks designed to unearth any impending problems and correct them.


It also restores your HVAC system to peak performance as an added bonus. Some of the tasks include:



  • A hands-on visual inspection.
  • A routine cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit, including straightening of condenser fins and checking of drain lines.
  • A check (and if necessary, adjustment) on filters, belts, and motors.
  • Lubrication for all the bits that move.
  • A refrigerant level check, and if necessary, a leak repair and recharge.


Depending on your system’s condition, there could be more or less involved in the tune-up. It’s the same as having a tune-up on your car when you have the oil changed, except that you only have to do this once a year or so.


Of course, it may sound a little suspect for an Owensboro air conditioning repair company to recommend this particular service, which we offer. We get that, and we encourage you to go do some independent research. Call a competitor. Ask anyone you like, they’ll all tell you the same.


Tune-ups are one of the smartest and simplest ways to keep your HVAC system up and running for years.



3. Thermostats, and taking full advantage of them.


Unless you’re somehow reading this from the 1980s – in which case, take us on a ride in your time machine – you’ve probably got a programmable thermostat. It might be a basic model, or it might have lots of bells and whistles.


Guess what, though?


We’ve found that no matter how fancy the thermostat, most homeowners aren’t taking advantage of the money-saving features. We hear lots of reasons:



  • Skeptical – “It can’t save that much money, it’s just a way to get me to buy an expensive thermostat.
  • Habitual – “I adjust the temperature manually. I’ve always done it that way, and it works fine for me.”
  • Technically challenged – “It’s too complex. I can’t figure it out, so I just adjust the temperature by hand.”


Unfortunately, if any of those excuses sound familiar to you, we can virtually guarantee that you’re wasting money – and probably setting yourself up for repairs.


Here’s why:


Thermostats are the brains of the operation. They send an electrical signal to the control board and turn the system on and off based on the settings you provide. Right off the bat, we can tell you this, Owensboro HVAC contractors spend a lot of time repairing units because the owner was a frequent manual adjuster.


We briefly mentioned “short cycling” earlier, without getting into what it means. It’s when your system turns on and off too frequently. That’s bad for several reasons, but most importantly, 1) it lowers the efficiency of your system by making the motor start up repeatedly rather than settle into a comfortable hum, and 2) it damages the compressor.


If you’re doing frequent manual adjustments, you are manually short cycling your own system.


So if it’s habit, break the habit. If it’s complicated, give us a call and we’ll help you out. No matter what, take full advantage of the modern thermostat.


A few quick recommendations:


  • Program it according to your schedule.
  • Get a wi-fi capable thermostat so you can make changes even when you aren’t at home.
  • Make sure your HVAC contractor puts the thermostat somewhere ideal – where it won’t be exposed to excess heat or cold and will get an accurate temperature read.
  • Pair it with ceiling fans for ultra-efficient performance.


Do that, and we promise two things: you’ll see a little less of us, and you’ll see a lot less on your electric bill.



4. The condenser unit should be in a shady place.


Your condenser is the unit that sits outside of your home. It’s designed to survive the outdoors, but it’s most efficient when it’s not fighting against serious heat. Since our summers can get pretty scorching at times, you’ll want to locate a shady place for your outdoor unit.


But, wait, you’re saying. Our system is already installed, and that thing is right on the south side of the house, getting as much sun as the garden!


Now what do we do?


That’s easy. You can acquire or build a simple shade for your condenser. Many companies manufacture them specifically for that purpose, or you can create an awning or shade of your own. That can reduce the ambient temperature around your condenser by anywhere from 4-10 degrees.


Just enusre you DO NOT block the airflow as it exists the unit. Be sure nothing is closer than 6 feet above the unit ensure the exiting heat is properly dissipated.


That, like a well-programmed thermostat, will spell savings on your electric bill. Just as important, it will stave off the inevitable AC repair costs so many homeowners dread by easing the condenser’s workload.


Oh, and speaking of the condenser …



5. Keep your outdoor unit clean.


Living outdoors isn’t easy, even for a metal box. Wind, rain, snow, dusty dry heat … all of these things attack your condenser throughout the year. It does a lot of the heavy lifting for your system, though – and that means you want to take great care of the outdoor unit in return.


That’s because the condenser pumps the refrigerant through your system, and dissipates heat through a basic thermal exchange. You’ll likely have noticed that when your system is running, the outdoor unit gives off hot air? That hot air is coming from inside your house, in a way.


If you let the condenser’s fins, or any moving parts, get dusty, dirty, or choked with muck and slime, it can’t do the job of releasing that heat. It gets locked in, instead, and the system can overheat, shut down, or sustain serious damage.


But taking care of the condenser is not a complicated prospect, Owensboro – HVAC contractors have it down to a science that the most technically inept folks in the world could manage. In fact, if you’re getting regular tune-ups, something as simple as hosing the outdoor unit off once a month or so will do wonders for your entire system.


You’ll also want to make sure nothing is growing near it, falling on it, or getting tangled up in there. Don’t let weeds, bushes, flowers, or even grass grow within a couple feet of the condenser unit.


Occasionally, a more serious cleaning may be called for; you can leave that up to your friendly Owensboro HVAC repair experts at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning.


6.Don’t let your vents or returns get clogged, either!


Last but not least, we’d like to offer you some advice regarding the most immediately noticeable part of your system – the  supply and return ducts. Those get dirty pretty fast, too, if you’re not careful. When they clog, they restrict airflow, much like a dirty air filter would, and they stress the entire system.


Your intake register is especially problematic in that regard – as dirt, debris, and dust that gets sucked in through those will circulate through your house or clog your air filters.


Giving those registers a simple cleaning once in a while is a simple (and some might say therapeutic) task that improves the air quality in your entire home. Failing to do it leads to air quality issues that can impact anyone in your life with asthma or lung problems.


Failing to do so also increases the amount of money you’re spending on energy each month.


So don’t think too much. Grab a damp cloth and get the dust bunnies out of your air supply and intake registers every few weeks. It is a great idea to make this a part of your filter change routine.


Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble with the slits in your vents and returns, use a butter knife to slip the cloth between them and get everything sparkling.


If you’ve let things go too long and it’s particularly grimy, you can carefully remove the vents, give them a super short soak in warm water with dish soap, and then replace them when they’ve completely dried.


For our friends out there with pets, pay extra attention – that pet hair can get inside your system and make a nuisance of itself, if you’re not careful.


Well, there you have it. Follow those tips, and you’ll only see an Owensboro HVAC repair team for scheduled maintenance and the rare issue that can’t be predicted or avoided.


And don’t forget, we are a One Hour company – that means we adhere to the strictest standards, train our technicians on the latest and greatest, and we back everything up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need help with anything, give us a call. We are always on time – or you don’t pay a dime.


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Have a lovely day and stay cool out there!