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[Air Duct Cleaning Services]  Here’s What Many Duct Cleaning Service Providers Don’t Want You to Know…




Need Fast Dependable Appliance Repair?​

Need Fast Dependable Appliance Repair?​

Need Fast, Dependable tucson refrigerator Repair?​

...Do You Really  Need Air Duct Cleaning?


Although many marketers in the world of air duct cleaning would have you believe otherwise, according to the EPA, studies show there is no proof that randomly cleaning your air ducts will actually improve the air quality of your home or prevent health issues.


But this doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from having your air ducts cleaned – if it’s done right.


If you or a family member is experiencing:


  • Serious allergies or symptoms you believe could be linked to mold or buildup in your air ducts…
  • Excessive dust and dirt that is clogging the ducts and being released into your home through the registers...
  • Substantial mold growth that is visible inside the hard surface components of your system...
  • Ducts that are infested with mice, insects, or other pests…


Then you should have your ducts inspected for the underlying causes of these problems. Once the root of the problem is discovered, it’s best to have your ducts professionally cleaned by a qualified professional. 

Call now for your 100% free duct inspection... and save $$$ instantly!


 You Can Trust one hour for the Honest, Quality Duct Cleaning Services You Need!



here's why One Hour is the Right Company for Your air duct cleaning services...



When it comes to air duct cleaning services, it’s difficult to know who you can trust. That’s why we provide the staff training and customer service commitment to ensure that you’re not just satisfied, but 100% thrilled with our duct cleaning service!


A solid commitment to quality has earned us an A+ rating with the BBB… and hundreds of loyal customers who trust us when they need their air ducts thoroughly cleaned!





  • You get flexible scheduling to meet your needs… instead of having to work around a tech’s schedule!
  • Your duct cleaning quote is 100% FREE
  • We use the finest Air Wash System for proven best results
  • Our system guarantees no damage to your duct system
  • Earth and human friendly anti-microbial eliminates germs and viruses
  • Need us outside of business hours? No worries! With 24/7 emergency service, we’ve got you covered!

we arrive prepared FOR ON-THE-SPOT REPAIRS

Call now for your 100% free duct inspection... and save $$$ instantly!


here's Why Thousands of satisfied clients in Owensboro & Henderson Turn to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning


One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is proud of our complaint-free record with the BBB. Plus our A+ rating just goes to show how much time and energy we've invested over the last 15 years into super happy customers that enjoy the highest possible level of service.


Customer service is not a department - It's our job!


Get fast air duct cleaning services in Owensboro, Henderson, Madisonville, and Morganfield


Schedule Your Appointment Now & Get Qualified air duct cleaning You Can Trust!


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It… See What Our Customers Say About Us:

If dirt, dust, mold, and vermin are clogging up your air conditioning ducts and making your home uncomfortable, turn to the professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. You’ll find qualified and friendly technicians ready to provide you with an honest video inspection and expert service.


Avoid scams and gimmicks and trust One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to deliver only the duct cleaning services you actually need. 

If you're not 100% thrilled with the quality of A/C service you receive, you won't pay a penny until we make things right.


That's our risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today for an honest and upfront inspection of your air conditioning ductwork to find out if you need duct cleaning services.






Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed...


schedule your 100% free duct cleaning inspection today!


Rest easy and schedule your inspection today with confidence. If you're not 100% satisfied with our air duct cleaning services,  for 1 full year after our technician leaves, let us know right away. We'll do whatever it takes to make things right or give you your money back.


That's our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Call us today to reclaim control over your comfort absolutely risk free!


schedule your 100% free duct insepction!​



Very professional installation, expert installers, high quality, high efficiency equipment,..answered all my questions.... professional clean up... wouldn't even know they were here except for my shiny new equipment. I highly recommend ONTime's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning INC for all your HVAC needs. Thanks Guys.


Jeff B. in Owensboro Ky


Home Advisor Verified Review Project: New System Installation

"Highly  Recommend!"




"Honest and a lot of integrity!! Would refer to anybody!"












Chris W. in Owensboro Ky


Home Advisor Verified Review Project: A/C Repair or Service




Instead of recommending unnecessary routine duct cleaning and pocketing your money, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning follows the EPA’s recommendation to simply clean your ducts as needed.


The trained technicians at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning are fully qualified to clean all components of your air duct system, including:


  • Supply and return air ducts and registers
  • Grills and diffusers
  • Heat exchangers and heating coils
  • Condensate drain pans
  • Fan motor and fan housing
  • Air handling unit housing


By cleaning all system components, you won’t risk re-contamination of the entire system. Plus, research shows that cleaning all components could increase the efficiency and lifespan of your system, while giving you energy and maintenance cost savings!


Duct Cleaning 


  • Bonus internet savings on your duct cleaning
  • Upfront, surprise-free pricing
  • 100% Free duct inspections and estimates
  • Efficient and professional service
  • Remove mold, dust, and pests for good
  • Trained and uniformed technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Always On Time...Or You Don't Pay a Dime!®​

Always On Time...Or You Don't Pay a Dime!®​


Serving Henderson, Owensboro, Madisonville, & Morganfield Kentucky

"wonderful people!

"Quick service!


Serving Henderson, Owensboro, Madisonville, & Morganfield Kentucky



Full-Service Duct Cleaning​

Why waste your money on a short-term fix when the professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can thoroughly clean your duct system the right way the first time?


Just cleaning your air ducts alone isn’t enough to prevent re-contamination. It’s important to let qualified duct cleaning professionals clean all components of your system with the proper equipment in order to avoid damage and costly repairs.

No Harmful Sealants or Sprays​

You should avoid using any type of sealant or chemical spray to clean out your air ducts and kill bacteria and fungi as these applications have not been tested for adverse health effects.


Instead, turn to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for complete and thorough duct cleaning without the use of sealants or biocides that could be a potential risk to your family’s health.

"Wonderful people, honest and they are there when you need them"











Cara W. in Owensboro Ky


Home Advisor Verified Review Project: Repair or Service Furnace or Heating

“Quick service late afternoon when my air conditioner went down and the temp was 103 degrees.


I really appreciate their quick response.”







 Buena H.


Home Advisor Verified Review Project: Repair or Service Furnace or Heating





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