Henderson KY-Outdoor Adventures Await you!


Want To Go Camping? Try Out the Audubon State Park in Henderson, Kentucky 


Here is all you will need to know about a great Henderson camping experience!


The feel of camping am I right? Those who love just getting out of one’s comfort zone to experience life at its finest can relate. Sitting somewhere alone or with those special to you, taking in the natural breeze and the sights nature has to offer has to be one of the best feelings ever.


However, whether or not you enjoy your camping trip depends largely on the location. This basically means that if you decide to go camping at a place that is filled with mosquitoes with terrible scenery, you will most likely return swearing to never go camping again. Hence it is very important to carefully pick your camping location.


There are lots of amazing places to camp out in but one of them stands out – The Audubon State Park.


Located in the city of Henderson, KY, the Audubon state park got its inspiration from a painter, ornithologist, and naturalist who lived in the city (although it was village then) in the early 1800s.


The park was specifically structured to accommodate campers and people who are looking to have a great time. It has great infrastructures and facilities so visitors who enjoy outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, etc. are not left out.


The Audubon state park has a trail for hiking you are bound to love if hiking is your thing, more so if you enjoy walking with dogs as it has a special hiking trail for dogs. There is also an abundance of shelter places and areas wonderful to have a picnic with your loved ones in, making the Audubon state park ideal for many occasions ranging such as romantic getaways, get-togethers,  honeymoons, vacations, camping, etc.


The Audubon state park has lots of cabins designed to fully satisfy the accommodation needs of visitors. I know they say no place like home, but the cabins at the Audubon state park might just defy that saying as you are bound to get virtually the same homely feeling of comfort (if not better) you feel while resting at your home. As if all these were not enough, the park has a lake with a boat ramp for another form of recreational activity.


When you get bored or need a rest from participating in the recreational activities available to you, you could decide to take a visit to the museum. It is a magnificent little building located in the park that serves as home to lots of wonderful exhibits and other things you will definitely find interesting.


To top it all off, the Audubon state park’s campgrounds are kept clean, tidy and hygienic to make sure campers are camping in the best conditions.


All in all, the Audubon state park is a wonderful place to go camping in, and you are bound to have loads of wonderful experience and tales to tell when you return. It could also turn out to be your favourite getaway place if caution is not taken, I know I would go there over and over again if I had the means.

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