Henderson KY has Some Very Interesting Spots for Gear Heads! 


Have a Look at Your Dream Car at the Dream Car Museum in Henderson


All you need to know is right here about why Henderson Kentucky's Dream Car Museum is Where You Want to Stop 


Are you a car enthusiast? Yes? Then get ready to have your world blown into a million awesome pieces by the bomb composed the news about the wonderful place I am about to detonate right in your face. The wonderful place is none other than the Dream Car Museum in Henderson, KY.


The Dream Car Museum is a museum located in Henderson and acts as home to the most vast, exotic, and glamorous collection of vintage or antique vehicles that were mostly used in the mid-eastern part of the US. The museum houses an impressive number of over sixty vehicles, all guaranteed to awe visitors. Gearheads are bound to find this museum as a seventh heaven while amateurs and neutrals will also find the museum amazing as they will learn a lot about the automobiles there, thanks to the knowledgeable guides.


The Dream Car Museum which is presented by Audubon Chrysler spans across 30,000 sq ft and is stocked with vehicles worth millions of dollars on the open market. The automobiles are available in different categories such as Trucks, Exotics, and Bikes, to name a few of the many things on display to see at the Dream Car Museum.


The Dream Car Museum is also available for rental just in case you wish to hold future events there. Just be sure to make enquiries and reservations quick enough as the museum is known to host events on a regular basis throughout the year.


The company in charge of the museum (Audubon Chrysler) is famous for being somewhat of a backbone of Henderson and its neighbouring city, Evansville, by supporting them in any way they can. Every month, the company donates a huge percentage of the proceeds gotten from the museum to a non-profit organization of choice dubbed “Partner of the month.” This basically means that by visiting the museum and patronizing the company, you are in fact killing two birds with one stone – having fun and helping others indirectly.


The best part about the Dream Car Museum is the fact that the fee required to experience all these are very cheap. If you are 13 years and above, then with as little as $10, you will be allowed entrance and have access to all the available cars. What about if you are 12 years and below? Admission into the Dream Car Museum for those who fall under this age category comes at the price of $0. That’s right, it is absolutely free for individuals who are 12 years and below.


The Dream Car Museum opens only on Wednesdays to Sundays from 10am to 6pm, so you should know how to make your plans.


Take a day off from work, call on your friends and you all should visit this wonderful place in Henderson to take a look at that car you’ve always admired. It promises to be a wonderful experience you would never forget and want to have more of.

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