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Farmer and the Frenchman Winery, Henderson, Kentucky: A Must Visit 


Learn below about the unique Henderson experience you will have visiting the Frenchman Winery! 


There are a lot of places to go and lots of things to try when you go to visit a place. While the majority of people would specifically visit a place to spend some time at the beach or park with their loved ones, others visit for other reasons such as to see a loved one. If luck, a relative, or your knack for sightseeing brings you to Henderson, KY, and you want to make the most out of your trip, then you might want to give Farmer and the Frenchman Winery a visit.


The farmer and Frenchman winery is popular for great tasting wines coupled with European dishes with cultural flavours making the winery a unique cafe. So if you love yourself some delicious continental food spiced up with Kentucky ingredients, and washed down some of the best wine in the state, the Farmer and Frenchman Winery is the place for you.


The winery has fascinatingly stuck to its reputation of providing its customers with unique and quality wine with delicious local food since when it began operation in 2015. Masterminded by two people, one from Henderson County and the other from Paris, France, hence the name, which explains that the makers are from the countryside and city respectively. Just like the name of this winery, the combination of the farmer’s and the French man’s recipe are what makes the place an exciting, fabulous and impressive place to hang out alone or with friends and family. Some of the meals you stand to relish by visiting this place include; pizzas, pasta, steaks and salad. All carefully and wonderfully made and guaranteed to give only maximum satisfaction to their various customers all over.


Asides from being an awesome and unique winery cum café, the Farmer and Frenchman Winery also serves as a wonderful place to host events. The winery’s vineyard is so magnificent and big enough to hold events of any nature. The winery is famed for hosting lots of weddings in the Henderson area of Kentucky as weddings are the most common events hosted by the winery. While reservations are not compulsory, it is advised you make them beforehand so you’re not left disappointed


If you want to visit the farmer and Frenchman winery, be sure to effectively plan your schedule as the winery opens from 12pm to 9pm, from Tuesday through to Saturday.


What more? There are lots of hotels in the Henderson area and its neighbouring cities such as Evansville that provide accommodations to visitors at a cheap price so they do not end up being stranded in a relatively unknown place.


What are you waiting for? Grab your bags, ring up your friends and head up to the Farmer and the Frenchman Winery to gobble down their wonderful cuisine, participate in some wine tasting, and perhaps if you are lucky, gatecrash a wedding! It promises to be a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It is not easy to forget the taste of great food and wine after all.

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