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Things to Do When You Visit the John James Audubon Museum in Henderson, KY 


Some very helpful info before visiting Hendersons premier Museum


Are you an art lover? Or do you have a special thing for nature? Well then, you’re going to love visiting the John James Audubon Museum.


By visiting the museum, you are practically killing two birds with one stone as you get to take a look at all the arts and paintings in the museum while also enjoying the natural atmosphere provided by the nature centre. Both of them are located in the same area enclosed by a historic stone building. So by paying for admission, you get to access both of them.


The John James Audubon Museum was built in memory of the late John James Audubon, a painter and naturalist who resided with his family in Henderson in the early 1800s. The museum tells James Audubon’s story, covering significant parts of his life including the time he spent residing in Henderson with his family, his painting works (which includes a complete set of his masterpiece, ‘The Birds of America’), and artefacts gathered from the 9 years James Audubon resided in Henderson, Kentucky. All in all, there are over 200 objects on display for visitors to feed their eyes with that promise them a wonderful time at the museum.


The museum also has a store that you are bound to love as it offers lots of products purely inspired by nature, and products crafted in Kentucky such as walking sticks, lotions, and soaps. The store also has a great, wonderful, and extensive selection of James Audubon’s books, prints, cards, and souvenirs for the Audubon aficionados.


The Nature centre situated in the same place as the museum is also a wonderful place to explore. Admission to this centre is free and would open you up to an entirely new world. You gain access to the Audubon theatre, a wildlife observation room, and a discovery and learning centre. In addition to all these, there is an art gallery just downstairs that shows visitors the wonderful work of local and upcoming artists.


Admission into the John James Audubon Museum is relatively cheap and you can get access to all what the museum has to offer for as low as $5. The standard price for admission for adults i.e. people who are 18 and above is $6, however, if you happen to be a senior i.e. 60+ or are a member of the military, you get to pay $5. If you are between the ages of 6 and 17, or are a college student with your ID, the admission fee is $4. Admission into the John James Audubon Museum is absolutely free for children who are 5 years and below, and for people who are friends of the Audubon members. You could also get admitted at the discounted price of $15 if you come with your family provided that family doesn’t exceed 2 parents and 2 children.


A visit to the John James Audubon Museum is bound to be an enthralling one which will provide you with knowledge and experience you would cherish and hold dear for years to come.

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