Henderson KY Has Some Great Eateries To Be Sure!


There is No Place like Rockhouse on the River in Henderson Kentucky 


Henderson is definitely NOT all Fast Food and quick BBQ….read more about it! 


Have you ever had something so good you wish it would never finish? Have you ever eaten food somewhere and that food was so good you find yourself going back there again and again? You’ve really not lived if this has never happened to you, and we ought to do something about it fast. I recommend visiting Rockhouse on the river at Henderson, KY.


Rockhouse on the river is a diverse café situated in the city of Henderson that is famous for serving some of the best pizzas and strombolis in the state, and possibly in the universe. They are so good at what they do that they draw in and have loyal customers from far and wide who don’t mind driving for hours just to get a taste of their wonderful cuisine. Visitors also troop in just to witness first-hand what the fuss about the place is and if what is being said about the place is true. The restaurant can be credited with contributing to the development of the city of Henderson as it draws in visitors who wouldn’t have known about or thought of visiting the city if it weren’t for them, thus making them somewhat of a tourist attraction.


Very much like Rome in the proverbial saying, Rockhouse on the river wasn’t built in a day, and in fact, the brand hasn’t officially kicked off business with its new name. it was formally known as ‘Rockhouse at Wolf’s’ before the owners of the franchise closed temporarily as they looked to expand by making the move to a bigger, better, and more accommodating site at the riverfront, hence the new name – Rockhouse on the river.


The restaurant isn’t all about pizzas and strombolis as it serves a wide range of other food that includes an All you can eat dish, a quick bite dish, happy hour drinks, happy hour food, comfort food, coffee, and a special menu for kids. The restaurant’s casual and historic atmosphere makes people comfortable as they troop in to enjoy lunch, desserts, and dinner, or purchase food for takeaway.


The restaurant is patronized by families, friends, elderlies, tourists, college students, etc. the free amenities they offer such as a bar on site, toilets, high chairs, and free Wi-fi, can be significantly credited with making this happen.


Rockhouse on the river operates from 10am to 9pm from Mondays to Thursdays. On Fridays, they give their customers the chance to spend one more hour enjoying all that they have to offer as they open by 10am and close by 10pm. The restaurant opens by 4pm and closes by 10pm on Saturdays.


Visit the Rockhouse on the river restaurant and witness pizza and Stromboli among other things in their finest and most delicious forms as you enjoy some live music and the wonderful atmosphere present in the restaurant. All these only going to get better when the restaurant finally opens up its new branch at the riverfront.

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