Madisonville-A Little History can prove to be Interesting!


The birthplace of Governor Ruby Laffoon is right there in Madisonville KY!


Why You Must Visit Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace in Madisonville, Kentucky


Here is one for the lovers of history out there. The Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace is a very historic place that means a lot to Madisonville and it's indigenes. Late Governor Ruby Laffoon who did a lot for the state of Kentucky got a tourist attraction dedicated to him as a form of appreciation for all the great work he did during his time and to have the feeling that his legacy lives on. Visiting the Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace while in Madisonville has to be a top priority for visitors and tourists alike, history lover or not.


Originally from Madisonville, Governor Ruby Laffoon was born in the year 1869, served as Governor of Kentucky from 1931 to 1935 before he died aged 72 in the year 1941. During his time as governor, Laffoon is fondly remembered for the successful initiation of the state sales tax and making Harlan Sanders a colonel. Laffoon also happened to be a lawyer and it was said that he died of a stroke and its complications after presiding over a case for three days despite his doctor’s warnings not to work for two weeks as he had high blood pressure. The Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace is where he was given birth to and raised during his formative years.


The tourist attraction has a museum you can visit which details Laffoon’s life’s history and the impacts he had on Madisonville and Kentucky as a whole. The museum also houses other historical things that could help you better understand the history of the state and so many things. Like I said before, this is one for the history lovers. Non-history lovers would also enjoy a visit to the Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace. While they might not understand half of the things in the museum, the artifacts and collections there are enough to feed their eyes and leave them in awe.


The Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace also has a cabin, the same cabin where Governor Ruby Laffoon grew up in as a child, albeit relocated to downtown Madisonville and refurbished just enough to maintain and preserve it. The cabin is open to visitors for exploration. Merely walking around the cabin is enough to send chills down your spine as you imagine a 5 year old Laffoon running around that same cabin. The cabin is also filled with bits collected from Laffoon’s time as a kid. You just might stand at the exact same place Laffoon did when he decided he was going to become the governor of Kentucky. Who knows? Maybe it could also work for you.


Generally, Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace is an interesting and extremely informative place to go. A must visit for every history lover and visitor of Madisonville. The Governor Ruby Laffoon’s Birthplace draws in visitors from faraway places as they all come to pay their respects to a great man who did great things for the state of Kentucky while he was alive.


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