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Why Should you try the various choices at the Feed Mill Restaurant in Morganfield?


Read Below the Reasons your Palet will be Pleased at the Feed Mill in Morganfield Kentucky! 


Going on a vacation or visit shouldn’t be all about the main reason you embarked on that journey, it doesn’t have to be. What I’m trying to say is let’s imagine you decide to go on a vacation to go see a match in Italy, the whole of that vacation shouldn’t be you going to see the match alone. There are other places you could also take a look at before going back. Likewise, if you go visiting someone, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the person’s house or street. Go out, experience the neighbourhood, and visit other places. Then, and only then can you say your trip or vacation was complete.


If you just so happen to be visiting Morganfield, KY, maybe to visit a friend or for vacation and relaxation purposes, ensure to give other places a visit, don’t just lay there all summer doing the same over and over again, break that cycle of boredom! If you get hungry and are looking for a great place to eat, for instance, you should try out the Feed Mill Restaurant.


Feed Mill Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Morganfield and has so many continental dishes on display for their customers to select from. The restaurant’s building used to be a concrete block used for the storage of seed corn and other forms of feed thus making it the perfect building to transform into the Feed Mill restaurant as the owner wanted the restaurant to have a rustic setting. The restaurant originally comprised of a dining room capable of accommodating about 90 seated guests, a bar known as ‘The Roost’ which can take up to 40 seated people, and an upstairs room termed ‘The Loft’ that has the capacity to hold 60 seated guests. However, a new non-smoking called ‘The Mardi Gras Room’ (due to its colourful and beautiful décor) capable of accommodating about 65 groups of people, was later built.


The restaurant serves all sorts of well-cooked meals. Some items on their menu include Hot wings, Deep-fried Frog legs, Catfish filets and fiddlers, Chicken fingers, Prime rib dinner special, Maryland Crabcakes, Mozzarella sticks and lots of delicious Homemade desserts. That’s not mentioning their special menu for kids, and the full-service bar (The Roost). The restaurant also hosts weekly specials for their customers such as All you can eat Cajun, All you can eat Catfish Fiddlers, etc.

While they do not accept reservations at the Feed Mill Restaurant, it is advisable for you to call ahead if you are going there with a group of 10 people or more. You would also be required to call the manager to make enquiries if you plan on hosting parties or other events there.


Generally, the Feed Mill Restaurant is a wonderful place to go to satisfy hunger and cravings while also having lots of fun and I always encourage visitors in Morganfield to go visit this one of a kind restaurant and bar.

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