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What Makes Sam’s Una Pizza, Morganfield, KY, So Special?


Read Below to Find Out why Pizza Lovers Flock to Morganfield's Popular Pizza Spot


We have all tasted that specific food at that specific place that made us believe in the impossible. That food that made us roll our eyes and ‘Hmmm’ in delight as we devoured the food wishing it wouldn’t finish or that our stomach could somehow expand so we could eat more and more of it. We’ve all been there, done that, and would do it over and over again, am I right? Sometimes, it isn’t actually the food, it could be the restaurant that makes you coming back for more. Have you ever taken time to wonder why it is so? Is it the customer service? Or the plates they use, the smell of the place, or the atmosphere? Something is definitely special about that place that makes you love that place so much. For me, that restaurant is Sam’s Una Pizza.


I was in Morganfield sometime back and I was egged on by a friend to visit Sam’s Una Pizza. “It is only the best restaurant in Morganfield” he exclaimed. Now my friend has a weird sense of judgement so I didn’t trust that statement but decided to follow him since it was my first time in Morganfield while he is practically a local. So, in we went, took a seat and placed our order of beef and onion pizza. In almost no time at all, our meal was delivered to us, and I have to say, the sight alone was something else! It didn’t look like your average beef and onion pizza, it looked magnificently different. There was also lots of toppings on it, never in all my pizza eating days have I seen any pizza with so many toppings. When I finally overcame my initial shock at the sight of the pizza, I took a bite, and needless to say, it was heavenly! I could have sworn I was in heaven waving at my grandma! I didn’t admit all these to my friend though, the last thing I wanted to hear at that moment was an ‘I told you so.’


Over the course of the weeks I ended up spending in Morganfield, I would go over to Sam’s Una Pizza to grab a bite of something, anything. I also noticed I always saw at least two to three faces I had seen there before, so I began my research into what could be so special about this place that made it so many people’s favourite spot.


Asides the fabulous taste of their pizza that has a crust of perfect size i.e. neither too thin nor too thick and foods in general, I noticed that the customer service is wonderful and they process orders very fast, even in rush hours. The atmosphere there is also so soothing and relaxing, there is something about Sam’s that just makes you forget your problems and feel relaxed. Lastly, and my personal favourite, at Sam’s Una pizza, the peppers are free, to accommodate everyone with different sensitivities to pepper. So if peppery is your thing, you can add as much as possible to your food.


I am currently away from Morganfield but what I wouldn’t give to have a slice of Sam’s Una Pizza. It is a must visit for everyone who finds themselves in or around Morganfield.

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