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They say there is nothing as great as fine wine. Whether or not you believe it, whether or not you can name about 20 things off the top of your head you think are as great or even greater, you have to agree that fine wine does taste great. You don’t have to be a professional wine taster or lover to know that fact. You also don’t have to be those two things before deciding to visit someplace where great wine is being produced. They are all over the world but some produce better wine than others, one of those is the White Bucks Vineyards and Winery located in Morganfield, KY.


White Bucks Vineyards and Winery have its roots firmly in Union County, and the flavour represents the influential traditions of rural Kentucky. The name was derived from a grandfather who is also a lifetime farmer, “buck” White. Till this day, ol’ White still bottles wine for the winery.


Just like their symbol, a deer crossing sign is right in front of the winery. The deer signifies a majestic wildlife. The wines are made out of vine and grape plants which includes; traminette, Frontenac Gris, Marquette, Chambourcin and Vignoles which were grown in a large quantity to experiment with some juice and table grapes. All these are done to give the wine an exceptional taste for the maximum satisfaction of their customers.


The vineyard is a lovely spot for wine and chill. It is the perfect place for relaxing. What is better than simply relaxing in a vineyard, taking in the scent and wonderful nature of the surrounding while some of the finest wine you’ve ever tasted goes down your throat? Merely thinking about it gives me goosebumps. Their services are top notch, the attendants are also very accommodating, friendly and eloquent. This comes as no surprise, however, as their wines at White Bucks Vineyards and Winery are one of the bests in Kentucky, and the staff and services are a huge reflection of that.


Should you want to organise a function that would be filled with sophisticated people that have refined tastes and an appreciation for the finest things in life, White Bucks Vineyards and Winery is a great place to get that wine that would blow them away and leave them impressed. Their wines are also great for tasting parties.


The vineyard also offers its customers lots of side services that make them enjoy their visit more. Some of their awesome services include; great live music, cheese boards and crackers.


So, if you are ever in Morganfield or any of the neighbouring cities and are looking for a nice place to relax without disturbances or have a nice, quiet, and private hangout with your friends and family with some of the finest wines in the state doing the talking, the White Bucks Vineyards and Winery is the perfect place for you.

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