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Go On an Escape Adventure at ‘Escape Today' in Owensboro, KY


Got Your Attention?  Read on to find out more about 'Escape Today' in Beautiful Owensboro Kentucky! 


Tired of having boring and repetitive hangouts that always involve you going to a bar or restaurant? Do you have an event coming up and you want to do something other than the conventional gathering at a park, eating and talking about past experiences? Well don’t be afraid to break that chain and try out something new, gather your friends and you all should go on an adventure of trying to escape from “Escape Today.” Don’t get me wrong, the above activities are also fun to do, however, when you keep doing it over and over again, it becomes a bore, hence the need to try something new and add to the list of your experiences. Always remember the golden rule “New is better.”


Escape today is located in Owensboro and can be termed one of the most interesting places in the whole city. Escape today is filled with so many hard escape rooms to make sure visitors don’t come trying the same thing over and over again. Escape rooms are rooms in which the players (visitors) are locked in and given numerous clues and twisted puzzles that would help them escape from the specific theme of that particular room before their time runs out. For instance, the theme of the room could be that you and your teammates were kidnapped and are trying to escape. While attempting to do this, you would find numerous clues, puzzles, and mysteries you would need to unravel if you are to have any chance of escaping the clutches of the kidnapper.


What makes Escape Today special is the fact that its escape rooms are far from easy walk-ins and walk-outs, and over 60% of the people who have attempted to escape from escape today can testify to that. You have to work with your fellow escapees, brainstorming ideas and possible meanings to clues as you all battle the race against time to escape and win the game.


What makes Escape Today a wonderful recreational place is the fact that it isn’t just about having fun. It helps bolster relationships and team spirit among individuals. Companies use it to see how their employees work well with other fellow employees, families use it to strengthen their bond, lovers use it to ignite that spark in their relationship, etc.


Escape Today has lots of escape rooms with wonderful themes. Some of these include Kidnapped Part II where you and your teammates are required to escape a serial kidnapper’s grasp before time runs out and all hope is lost. Escape The Titanic where you and your teammates (who have been thrown into the brig for dubious behaviour) face the uphill battle of escaping the ship before it sinks away with you all in it.


Do you think you and your friends have what it takes to solve the puzzles and unravel the mysteries required to successfully escape from the rooms in Escape Today? Then why not give it a try? Even if you don’t end up escaping, you would have embarked on a very interesting adventure.

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