Owensboro-Calling all Fisherman-Great Angling Is Available!


Get the Best Fishing Experience you can in Owensboro, KY


Find out Below what the Locals know That you Don't About Catching Big Fish in Owensboro Kentucky! 


Have you been staying in Owensboro the past couple months or years and are looking for fun things to do? You have visited their tourist attractions such as the Smothers Park and the International Bluegrass Music Museum, and want to have more experiences. Fear not as there are lots of fun things to do in this city, but only if you are open to trying them out.


Owensboro is a unique type of city where the locals believe a lot in their cultural values and beliefs, and this is part of what makes the city a fun place to live in or visit. When they aren’t seeking fun in a park or at a museum, the locals try as much as possible to keep themselves entertained in their own distinct ways by participating in various outdoor recreational activities. These activities include hunting, archery, camping, water sports, and the most important and prominent of them all, Fishing.


The art of fishing is greatly practised in Owensboro and their neighbouring cities. This is because they have lots of rivers in which lots of big fishes live surrounding them, making it quite easy to fish. They say the joy of a fisherman is catching fish, the joy in fishing in Owensboro is the certainty that you are going to catch a fish, and a big one too.


The locals of Owensboro so much cherish fishing that in October of every year, they organise a fishing tournament tagged Monsters On The Ohio. In this competition, individuals come from far and wide to participate as they all seek to be the one who catches the most and biggest fishes in order to be crowned winner of the tournament. At the end of the competition, the winner walks away with a cash prize after being subjected to a lie detector test, just to make sure there was no hanky pansy or any other form of funny business carried out during the fishing process.


When I visited Owensboro, I went fishing at a nearby river with my friend who so happened to be quite the fisherman, a superpower I never knew he had. Anyways, we took a boat to a spot he termed ‘my secret fishing spot,’ set up everything that needed to be set, and the fishing began. I wouldn’t lie, I didn’t understand what he was doing at all. All I knew was that he would cast his bait filled hook into the river, gist a while and would scream “we’ve got a live on” before proceeding to reel out the dumb fish that took the bait. After catching about 4 normal sized fishes, he caught a really big catfish. Truth be told, I was scared as I had never seen one so big, it was the type of fish you grill to entertain the whole of your extended family. My friend, however, was a bit disappointed as he said the fish was “much smaller” than he expected as he was used to catching fishes of about 50 and 60 pounds.


Having a fishing experience at Owensboro is really a lifetime experience and one which you are bound to cherish for the rest of your life.

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