Owensboro KY -Cultural Hot Spots are close by!


Take a Look at the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro When You are in Town!


If you like Bluegrass Music, Owensboro is the Place to Stop! 


Upon entering Owensboro, you will probably be asked some questions by the locals ‘where are you visiting from?’ ‘Who are you visiting?’ ‘How long will you be staying?’ and the most important one of them all – ‘Are you a fan of bluegrass music?’ you would be surprised as to how willing they would be to introduce you to this genre that you’ve probably never heard before if you aren’t a native of Kentucky.


Bluegrass music is a form of American Roots music that originated from Kentucky and named after the Bluegrass Boys, a band formed by the man considered to be the father of bluegrass – Bill Monroe. The bluegrass brand of music began to develop from musicians who played alongside Monroe, before it became famous worldwide (or should I say Kentucky-wide) after other musicians who admired the sound and vocals of Monroe and his group of bluegrass musicians adopted and evolved it.


Owensboro is often called the home of bluegrass music and this term is well deserved when you factor in the fact that it houses the barn that hosts the greatest bluegrass jamming session in the country – The Rosine Barn Jamboree. A weekly show where Bill Monroe himself along with other talented bluegrass musicians come to play live for free!


That is not all as Owensboro also serves as home to the popular International Bluegrass Music Museum, and ROMP – a very popular bluegrass festival.


The International Bluegrass Music Museum is a one of a kind museum that serves the purpose of preserving the history of bluegrass music so more people can become aware of it, and prevent it from going into extinction. It is the only museum in the world dedicated to this function, and it is safe to say that the museum is responsible for attracting most of the visitors to the city of Owensboro.


The International Blue Grass Music Museum has lots of exhibits and artefacts that show visitors the history of bluegrass. Via these exhibits, visitors are able to see how bluegrass music started, what it is all about, what constitutes it, its influence on other music genres and music in general, etc. it also has a hall of fame where visitor can learn all about those who started bluegrass music and those who are still keeping it alive.


The museum also holds an annual festival known as the River Of The Music Party, or ROMP as it is popularly known and called. The festival holds on the last weekend of June every year. If you happen to visit at a time far off from the yearly ROMP festival and want to have a taste of what it feels like, then you could go to one of the Jam sessions held at the museum on the first Thursday of every month.


Visiting the International Bluegrass Music Museum shows the locals that you appreciate their values and believe in the richness of the genre of music they love the most – Bluegrass.

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