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Experience What It Is Like To Party in a Barn at Owensboro Kentucky


All you need to know About the Rosine Barn Jamboree 


Visiting the city of Owensboro is bound to provide you with a very unique experience you will most likely not find elsewhere. The city is unique in its own ways and differs from other cities in lots of ways. The normal things you would consider fun such as going to a fancy restaurant or beach with loved ones are not what you find fun in Owensboro. Instead, you get to have fun the natural and cultural way. One of those ways is by enjoying their famous Bluegrass Music genre. Bluegrass music is very popular in Owensboro and virtually all the locals relish this brand of music. Another thing to enjoy in Owensboro is their lifestyle and traditions such as the one this article is all about – partying in a barn.


The idea of partying in a barn might sound foreign and outrightly weird to you. Why would anyone comfortably party in a place meant to store animals and crop produce? What happened to open spaces, clubs, and arenas? Right? However, the locals of Owensboro enjoy their rustic venues as it makes the party much more fun and natural. You too would see it that way and come to cherish this tradition after one or two barn parties.


There are several barns where you could host or attend a party in Owensboro. There is ‘The Old Barn’ over at Cecil farms that has formally become a space for the rental where locals and visitors can successfully have their functions such as weddings, social gatherings, family reunions, etc. The barn wasn’t originally set up to be a rental venue but the owner had to turn it to one after receiving numerous requests to rent it for special occasions. They also thought it would be a wonderful idea that the locals and neighbouring cities would love it as a place where they could all just come gather and have fun.


Barns in Owensboro are not built in a modern way on a purpose. This way, they ensure they stay true to their traditions and have the feeling that they are actually partying in a barn rather than a modernized bungalow only called a barn because animals and farm produce are kept there.


Another barn (My favourite) where you can experience what it is like to party in a barn is at the ‘Rosine Barn Jamboree’ where bluegrass music is celebrated. The famous Bill Monroe and so many other talented bluegrass musicians come together to play on Friday nights live to the bluegrass music loving audience present at the barn. The barn has an intimate setting and has seats for just over 100 people, so you might want to make sure you are there on time before it gets filled up. Admission into the Rosine Barn Jamboree is absolutely free although donations made willingly are accepted during the shows.


Travel to Owensboro now and treat yourself to this wonderful experience. Who knows? You just might end up being the biggest Bluegrass Music fan ever.

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