Owensboro KY offers a great Outdoor Experience That's Hard to Top!


The Smothers Park in Owensboro Is Great For Relaxation! 


Also Learn Below about Owensboros Lazy Dayz area in Smothers Park for Kids 


Famous for their love of bluegrass music, Owensboro is a really nice place to visit. The city has lots of tourist attractions to accommodate people with diverse taste and preferences. Standing out among these attractions is the International Bluegrass Music Museum which draws in a whole lot of visitors from far and wide as they all come to admire and celebrate bluegrass music. Owensboro is also accommodating to individuals who enjoy relaxing at a park with their friends and family members. It does this by serving as home to a top park in the form of Smothers Park.


The Smothers Park was formally known as the Riverfront Park and was established to provide the perfect place for relaxation for those who want to ease off the week’s stress in a neutral and fun place. The park was specifically designed to accommodate both kids and adults and to give their visitors the best experience they could possibly get by providing them with state of the art amenities designed to enable people as they seek to have a lovely time with their loved ones while relaxing and easing off the week’s stress.


The Smothers Park was built beside a river, giving it the perfect view as you enjoy your break. The view and overlook are breathtaking and makes the riverside perfect for lots of things. You could decide to go on a date there and let the atmosphere and gentle breeze do the romantic part for you. The riverside is also perfect for strolls with friends and loved ones, the clean scent of the river carried by the gentle breeze filling your nose while you watch the kids run around and do their thing as you take your stroll.


So the kids don’t feel left out, the park has a playground specifically for them. The Smothers Park Lazy Dayz playground was named the top playground in the world in 2015 by Landscape Architect’s Network. It was designed with the happiness of kids in mind as it has virtually all the basic amenities and structures a children’s playground ought to have. It is more or less the Disney Land in Owensboro! Be careful here, lest your child refuses to go back home with you and opts to remain in the playground forever.


The park also has lots of other amenities that their visitors are bound to love, from areas reserved specifically for picnics, to 3 water fountains and a flowing waterfall. You need not worry about being famished and having to wait till you get home before getting something to bite as there are lots of affordable and wonderful restaurants around the park where you can go to get your body engine running again.


Generally, the Smothers Park is a very wonderful and peaceful place to go relax in and their amenities and other social infrastructures that they have to offer will ensure you end up having only the best possible experience. What are you waiting for? Grab your things now and go for a weekend getaway at Smothers Park!

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