Furnace Repair Owensboro: Troubleshooting General Furnace Problems, Servicing Henderson, Madisonville, and Morganfield​

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Furnace not working? Heater on the fritz? If your heater is working poorly, or not at all, this guide might give you a hand solving commonplace problems.


But if you need help now, and you aren’t sure, call the One Hour Kentucky local heating pros and get the assistance that you need.


Forced-air heating systems rely on a furnace or a heat pump to keep your home toasty in the winter months. When those systems experience problems, your health and that of your family could be at risk.


That’s why we don’t take chances with furnace repair in Owensboro. It’s too important!


The good news is that furnaces are very reliable, and most homeowners keep the same furnace for 10 to 15 years or longer. Our technicians (like all affordable furnace repair companies) make it easier by offering preventive maintenance, furnace tune ups and furnace repairs at budgets you can afford.


But even reliable furnace and heating systems occasionally break down.


To avoid breakdowns, it helps to know how you, as an owner, can help take care of your furnace. We’ll even help you troubleshoot basic home fixes.


Because here’s the thing:


When your furnace breaks down, it’s probably going to be at a time when you need it pretty badly. That makes it twice as urgent to get things up and running quickly.


How does this article help?


Well, in addition to reminding you that we offer:



  • 24/7 customer service with live people ready to answer your call
  • Unmatched furnace repair technicians on a budget
  • Well-stocked service vehicles and skilled, uniformed personnel
  • A money-back, risk-free guarantee on all repairs
  • Free in-person estimates


We’re also going to talk you through some basic DIY repairs that even the not-so-handy can manage.


Furnace Maintenance Owensboro: Furnace Repair DIY Troubleshooting and Owner Maintenance Made Simple


Furnace maintenance is the step before furnace repair, and if you get it right, you’ll go long periods of time without needing real repairs at all. To that end, here is some general maintenance information.




Never perform maintenance without first turning the system off AT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER.


Once a year, at least, get a hand vacuum with attachments and vacuum the area around your furnace’s blower apparatus. (That’s the part inside the home that literally “blows” air through your ductwork.) Be thorough about this, because dust and mold near that system, or near your intake vent, will get circulated through your home and clog up your air filters.


If you can, slide out your fan unit and give each fan blade a thorough wipe. You can use a pipe brush, toothbrush, or microfiber cloth. Then, give those a vacuum as well. This will keep them running optimally, and prevent more dust buildup.


While you’re in there, look for the motor’s oil ports. You can check your HVAC system’s owner’s manual to locate these. (You may need to remove a cover or plate of some kind to access them). According to manufacturer direction, add a few drops of motor oil into each port. Your manual will tell you the appropriate oil, but be certain it is detergent-free.


Some modern motors don’t require oiling. Don’t worry about that step if yours is one of them.




Before you turn your furnace on for the season, give it a test run at the thermostat. Turn your thermostat up and listen closely to make sure the furnace kicks on properly. Wait 3-5 minutes and make sure it doesn’t turn back off. If it does, your system is short cycling.


Short cycling is dangerous because it stresses your compressor and can cause widespread damage to your equipment. There are a few things that can cause short cycling, but chief among them are:



  • Improper thermostat adjustment. Confer with an HVAC professional and see if your thermostat needs calibration or replacement. (If it does, we have a great article about smart thermostats you should read)
  • Your heat exchanger could be overheating, which triggers a safety feature that shuts the system down.


The first thing you should do if your system is short cycling is call One Hour Kentucky and get the furnace repair Owensboro experts on the road to your home. But, if you’re doing a little troubleshooting on your own as well, go check your furnace or boiler burners and make sure that your ignition or pilot flames are tight, solid blue flames.


They should not flicker and they should not be yellow. If they are, you could be in danger or carbon monoxide leakage, and you need a technician immediately.




It doesn’t matter what kind of system you have, gas oil, or electric, if it’s forced-air, you’ve got filters in the system keeping your home’s air pure and dust-free.


Those filters don’t work forever without a little help. Once a month, they need to be checked, and if necessary, cleaned or changed. If you’ve got furry pets or someone in the home with asthma or any other respiratory or pulmonary condition, consider checking every few weeks.




If your ducts are accessible without too much trouble, you should check them every year. Ductwork can stretch and warp with seasonal temperature changes, which causes leaks. It can corrode if there is an excess of moisture. Dust and mold buildup, and occasionally even small animal interference can also cause trouble.


Looking for those things is relatively easy. When you find them, use a proper insulated high-heat foil HVAC tape (not standard duct tape) to seal the leaks you find.


If you find something you can’t handle, don’t try to! That’s why furnace repair companies Owensboro exist.




This one isn’t too complicated, either. Clean whatever you can find. Vents and registers can be cleaned by removing them while the system is off and rinsing them with soapy water. To get in between the vents, you can use a thin cloth and a butter knife!




If all of that felt like an awful lot, don’t panic. All of the above maintenance tasks and more are included in the shockingly low price of an HVAC tune-up. That’s one of the many services our furnace maintenance technicians provide. You can have us out once a year to do everything on this list, leaving you with nothing to do but the occasional filter change.


For more on tune-ups, call us today.


Furnace Repair Owensboro: Troubleshooting Repair Needs


Intrepid homeowners like to do what they can on their own, and we respect that. So the above was all about maintenance tasks. Here are a few things that might cause your furnace to stop behaving.




Older gas furnaces and pilot lights, while modern ones usually use an electronic ignition. Make sure you know which you have before you go looking for a pilot!


If you do have a pilot light, and it isn’t staying lit, the likeliest causes are:



  • A faulty or damaged thermocouple
  • A clogged pilot light orifice
  • It may be set incorrectly
  • The safety cutoff valve may have problems


If it’s the thermocouple, you need a professional on hand. Thermocouples are copper rods that get heated by the pilot flame. When it’s hot enough, it tells your furnace to go ahead and release gas to your burners. Replacing one isn’t a job for an amateur.


If it’s your orifice, which you can usually tell with a visual inspection, you can probably handle this yourself. Again, turn off the gas and shut off the circuit breaker before you do anything.


Then, simply get some thin, stiff wire (a paperclip will do in a pinch) and use it to clear the orifice of debris.


Adjusting your pilot light isn’t too difficult, either. Your manufacturer will have provided you with a manual for your specific system, but in general, pilot lights have an adjustment screw that tightens or loosens a valve. You want your pilot light to be an inch and a half to two inches high, and you want it to be solid blue with no flickering.


If you can’t achieve that quickly and easily, you may have bigger issues.


HVAC HACK: Doing minor maintenance yourself SAVES you time and money. Trying repairs you don’t understand COSTS you money. Knowing the difference is a valuable thing.




Electronic ignitions can be reset like a computer – turn the system off and then on again. When you turn it back on, look for the ignitor to glow. Feel free to refer to your owner’s manual for specifics.


Sometimes, your flame sensor gets dirty. Cleaning that with a piece of emery paper can solve a whole host of problems as well.




If you’ve got no heat and you’ve tried all of the above to confirm that it isn’t a thermostat issue, a pilot/ignition issue, or short cycling, you should call a furnace repair company Owensboro – because it’s probably moved past DIY.


And we can’t stress this enough: unsupervised furnace repair without proper training is dangerous, and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, house fires, or even explosions?


Do what you can, and then count on One Hour Kentucky’s team of experts for the rest.